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Veneers for Teeth: Here’s What to Expect

Veneers for teeth are stain resistant porcelain pieces that cover your natural teeth.  Dental Veneers are used to fill gaps between teeth and bring out the full […]
Family Brushing Teeth

Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes

Have you been brushing your teeth the right way?  There are many bad tooth brushing habits that you might have developed over the years without even […]
Patient Getting Dentist Checkup

Should I Make an Extra Trip to the Dentist?

Regularly visiting the dentist is very important to your health. It is generally recommended that you have a check-up twice a year (about six months apart) […]
Quit Smoking

Tobacco Use and Your Teeth

You’ve heard it all before-smoking is bad for your lungs, your throat, and your general health. You know that smoking causes cancer, and you probably know […]
dental anxiety

Understanding and Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Visiting us for a regular check-up is critical to keeping strong healthy teeth; however, we understand that you might inadvertently cringe every time you hear the […]
Food On Table

Teeth Friendly Snacks on the Go!

The long, hot summer is just around the corner, which means relaxing outside and getting outdoors. It also means more picnic lunches and snacks to go, […]
Woman Smiling

What to Expect from Teeth Whitening Treatments

White teeth are truly a sight to behold.  They make a dazzling impression and can really make a positive difference in your life.  There are a […]
first dentist visit to Friendly Dentistry Office in Greensboro, NC

Your First Dentist Visit as an Adult

The first dentist visit as an adult is always a great moment of independence, but may be accompanied by some apprehension.  You will have to pay more […]

Does Oil Pulling Work?

You already know about flossing, mouthwash, tooth brushing, and regular dental checkups, but what about oil pulling?  You may have heard rumor of the benefits oil […]
Effects of ecigs on your Teeth

The Effects of E-cigs on Your Teeth

More and more people are turning away from tobacco products by heading towards electronic cigarettes.  Over a short amount of time, these electronic devices, also known […]