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4 Ways Dentures Can Improve Your Life

Better Self-Esteem With dentures, you can once again present a beautiful smile to the world. With greater self-esteem and confidence, you can participate in more activities, […]
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What is Gingivitis? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

If you think you may have gingivitis, you’re not alone: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 50% of the U.S. population will […]
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Why We are the Best Dentists in Greensboro

When it comes to your teeth, only the best dentistry will do. After all, your smile is the most beautiful part of you! Whether you need […]
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Don’t Fear the Procedure: How to Overcome Your Dental Phobia

If the idea of leaning back in a dentist’s chair is enough to give you nightmares, you may have a dental phobia. Fear of the dentist […]
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What to Expect During Your Child’s First Dental Visit

When should you first take your child to the dentist? Most parents might guess age 3, 4, or 5. However, proper dental care actually begins when […]

Before and After Invisalign: An Invisible Alternative to Braces

If you’re an adult who finds yourself needing braces again—or if this is your first time investigating teeth-straightening options—disadvantages like these may have been keeping you […]
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Smiles (Female)

From the glossy pages of fashion magazines to sky-high billboards, the dazzling smiles of these stunning ladies have lit up some of the most glamorous places […]
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What are Veneers?

  If your teeth are cracked, gapped, chipped, or stained, but you would like to avoid a scary invasive procedure, veneers are the perfect dental correction […]
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Ask a Dentist at Friendly Dental in Greensboro

We pride ourselves on being home to some of the best dentists in Greensboro. This week, we asked one of our dentists, Brittany Semones, to tell […]
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Teeth Whitening Tips for a Truly White Wedding

On your wedding day, your smile will be front and center of every snap, tweet, and photo. With your face framed by a white veil, a […]