A Closer Look at How Teeth Cosmetics are More Than Cosmetic

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The meaning of the word “cosmetic” in everyday life usually means something that is superfluous, something that just looks nice but has little substance, or just exists to look pretty.  Many people may think cosmetic dentistry is just a branch of dentistry that focuses on making your teeth look great and nothing else.  That’s not true.  While attention to teeth cosmetics leads to a great smile, it also makes your teeth healthy.  Let’s define the term “cosmetic dentistry” by looking at what cosmetic dentists specialize in.

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So How Exactly Do Good Teeth Cosmetics Improve Your Health?

  • Stains: Stained teeth can be a huge blow to your self-confidence. Stains and discolorations might force you to keep your teeth hidden away from the world and keep you from smiling in public.  Cosmetic dentistry specializes in different forms of teeth whitening to get rid of stains.  Learn more about at home teeth whitening options, as well as more professional teeth whitening options.
  • Veneers: Gaps between your teeth, no matter what size, can cause problems for your entire mouth. Any time there is a gap, there is a chance your teeth will crowd into that space.  This can lead to your teeth hurting, damaged enamel, and even tooth loss in extreme cases.  Veneers can help solve that problem by filling in the gap with a bit of enamel that’s bonded to the edges of your existing teeth.  This will not only make your smile look nice and even, but it will also make sure your teeth won’t crowd into the open space.
  • Replacing teeth: A missing tooth looks very unsightly and it creates a very large gap in between your teeth so replacing a lost tooth is a very important procedure for your looks and your dental health. The gap is filled with a false tooth so your smile looks nice and even.  The new tooth also fills in the large gap so your other teeth won’t crowd in. That’s another example of how teeth cosmetics also leads to better health.
  • Damaged teeth: A damaged, cracked tooth not only affects the aesthetics of your smile, but can pose a very serious threat to the health of your mouth. A cracked tooth can crack even further, be very painful, and can lead to an infection that can spread down the root.  Cosmetic dentists use crowns to save damaged teeth.

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