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From the glossy pages of fashion magazines to sky-high billboards, the dazzling smiles of these stunning ladies have lit up some of the most glamorous places in the world. Make sure you’re wearing your shades before reading the rest of this post, because this compilation of sultry smirks, gorgeous grins, and mega-watt smiles is enough to be downright blinding.

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Miranda Kerr

This Australian Angel’s pearly whites have doubtlessly only helped her in becoming one of the most famous and well-paid supermodels in the world. Kerr has served as brand ambassador for Swarovski Jewelry, walked in runways for Victoria’s Secret, and participated in our most jealousy-inducing project: marrying Orlando Bloom. (No fair!)

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 Rachel McAdams

The actress most famous for playing Regina George in Mean Girls may have spent most of the movie delivering sneaky smirks, but off of the mean screen, she has one of the purest smiles in Hollywood. Comic book fans look forward to seeing her in Dr. Strange this November.

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Vanessa Hudgens

This sultry Californian beauty got her big break as Gabriella Montez in Disney’s High School Musical franchise; since then, she’s wowed audience with more mature roles in films such as Sucker Punch, Spring Breakers, and Machete Kills. More recently, she delivered a rock-star performance as bad-girl Rizzo in Grease Live on Broadway.

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 Lupita Nyong’o

The flawless grin of this Mexican-born beauty (really!) helped earn her a contract with Lancôme Paris, a People’s Most Beautiful Award, and myriad covers on some of the world’s most luxurious fashion magazines. Of course, this Oscar-winning actress, director and producer is much more than a pretty face—but a gorgeous smile doesn’t hurt.

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Daisy Ridley

A newcomer to Hollywood, Ridley’s role as lead character Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens has propelled her to international fame this past year. Fans immediately fell in love with her spunky humor and charm in off-screen interviews, and her gorgeous smile is fit to light up a galaxy.

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Anne Hathaway

This stunning actress has sported claws in The Dark Knight Rises and white tresses in Disney’s live-action Alice in Wonderland, but we think her most flawless accessory has always been her snow-white smile. Hathaway has recently welcomed the birth of her first child, a boy named Jonathan.

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Nicki Minaj

Sure, when you look at a picture of Nicki Minaj, her smile is probably the last thing you’ll notice. But if you take a moment to tear your gaze away from her wild outfits, colorful hair, and famously voluptuous figure, you’ll see that she has a smile to rival that of any other celebrity. Between movie roles, musical collaborations, product endorsements, and myriad other projects, it seems the self-styled Queen of Rap is taking the world by storm—gold teeth and fangs optional.

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Sofia Vergara

This Colombian-born actress got her start in Spanish-language soap operas and small films until she landed a lead role on the ABC series Modern Family. Viewers fell in love with her quirky personality, hilarious comic delivery, and luscious good looks. Her killer smile is the bow on top of a beautiful package.

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Scarlett Johansson

This American beauty is one of the most successful actresses in the world, having delivered award-winning performances in films like Girl With a Pearl Earring, The Other Boleyn Girl, and the Avengers movie franchise. One of Hollywood’s modern beauty icons, Johansson’s pearly whites have been splashed across numerous magazine spreads, and she is the only woman alive to be named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire twice.

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While many of these celebrities were doubtlessly born with it, we all know that many Hollywood starlets use professional cosmetic dentistry to straighten, whiten, and perfect their teeth. If you’re inspired by these big-screen beauties, consider giving your own grin a boost with Invisalign straighteners, veneers, and teeth whitening services.

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