How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost in North Carolina?

Dental crowns are a very common part of dental health today. Although dental crowns are a common staple of the dental industry, and a procedure that we see at Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro, NC, there are still many questions that people may have regarding this dental procedure.

Some common questions that patients have are:

  • Exactly how much will a dental crown cost?
  • What is a dental crown?
  • Why is a dental crown important to dental health?

These are all great questions that many patients have regarding this subject. Having knowledge when it comes to the cost of dental crowns will ensure you get the best service for your money. Getting the best service and understanding why this procedure is needed are important to your dental health and your financial well-being.

There are many factors that go into the cost of receiving a dental crown.  We cannot provide exact figures without a thorough dental examination since every individual’s dental needs will differ, but we will attempt to give general ranges and to answer common questions about dental crown costs.

how much is a crown with insurance

What Factors Determine the Cost of Dental Crowns?

Before getting a dental crown you will want to know the average cost of a crown so that you may weigh your options. As mentioned above, there are several variables that determine the cost of dental crowns. Some of these variables are as follows:

  • The extent of damage to your teeth
  • The type of material used to make the dental crown
  • The size of the dental crown that is needed
  • The tooth or teeth that require a crown
  • Insurance limitations, deductibles and the insurance carrier you have
  • The number of dental crowns that are needed
  • The particular dentist or practice that you decide to go

How Many Dental Visits are Required When Getting a Dental Crown?

When a tooth needs a dental crown there are a number of important steps that need to be taken. At the initial visit, or consultation, the dental team at Friendly Dentistry will examine your teeth and take x-rays. They will discuss with you what your expectations are for your oral health.

If you decide that a dental crown is what you would like then there is preparation that is needed. This preparation will include either filing the tooth down or, if it is badly decayed, building it back up with filling material that will support the crown.

After this reshaping, there will be an impression or scan made of the tooth. While you are waiting for your dental crown to be custom made you will get a temporary crown to protect your tooth. Your scan or impression will be sent to a dental lab where the crown will be manufactured specifically to fit you.

At your second appointment, the temporary crown will be removed. The permanent crown will then be fitted into place.  Once the nerves in the tooth and gums are numb, dental cement will be used to ensure that your permanent dental crown stays in place for the life of the crown.

What is the Average Cost of Dental Crowns?

These are the average price guidelines for receiving a dental crown. All of these prices are subject to change and they also could be more or less depending on insurance coverage.

  • Initial Dental Exam: This is to determine your oral health status and to let the dentist know what your expectations are. During this initial exam, you will receive a visual examination, dental x-rays, and will have a discussion with your dentist about your specific needs as well as the available options.
  • Dental X-rays: This helps the dentist to see your teeth beyond the naked eye. It shows the root of the teeth and the surrounding bone, which is important in determining what type of procedure you will need and if you have any underlying issues that are not apparent with a visual inspection.
  • Dental Crown Material/Procedure: Each material and procedure can impact the overall cost of the crown, so it is strongly suggested that you speak with your dentist to find the best option for you based on your needs and your budget.

My teeth were making me look really old. So, I decided that if I could get them fixed up, maybe it would help. And it did, a lot! I’m much more comfortable giving a big grin… It was painless, it was easy and it was so worth anything to go through this. I love my teeth!.

– Cindy

Types of Dental Crowns

There are several types of materials that can be used for dental crowns. Some of the materials that can be used for dental crowns are:

  • All-Porcelain and All-Ceramic: This type of dental crown is the one that most looks like a real tooth. It is one of the most popular options for a dental crown today, especially for teeth that are visible, such as incisors and other front teeth. This material is the most common for dental crowns because it is hard and very durable, giving them a long life.  These crowns are long-lasting, durable, and offer aesthetic appeal, making them our preferred material at Friendly Dentistry
  • Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal: This is another popular material to use for dental crowns, which combines the natural look of porcelain with added durability of metal. At Friendly Dentistry, we offer porcelain-fused-to-zirconia (Zirconia is a white metal) to avoid the tell-tale dark line at the gum that you will see with other metals.
  • Metal Crowns: This type of dental crown is made with gold alloy, although they can also be made with a white metal known as zirconia. Either of these is a durable option and requires less of the natural tooth to be removed. This material is used mainly for the teeth in the back of your mouth since it does not look like a natural tooth, with zirconia being slightly less noticeable than Gold.
  • Stainless Steel: This material is durable and is sometimes used as the temporary crown. It is also mainly placed in the back of the mouth as they are not very cosmetic. This type of material falls in the same price range as metal crowns and is generally avoided in favor of better options.
  • All-resin: These crowns are made from a composite resin material, similar to what is used for fillings today. The appearance is the same color as that of a natural tooth, making these one of the most natural looking crowns. This material is a little more expensive than the metal or stainless steel crowns, but less expensive than porcelain crowns.  These are not very durable and are prone to fracture over time. Because of this lack of durability, many dentists (including dentists at Friendly Dentistry) do not typically offer them as an option.

At Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro, North Carolina, the dentists only use top-grade porcelain so that your dental crowns will look like your natural teeth. This type of porcelain is durable and will hold up against wear and tear of chewing and grinding of your teeth.

Average Cost of Dental Crown With Insurance

If your teeth are damaged, most insurances will cover a certain percentage of a dental crown. If you are getting a dental crown strictly for cosmetic purposes then most insurance companies will not pay for any of the cost.

We are an unrestricted provider, which means we can work with all types of dental benefits. As a service to the patient, we are happy to file all insurance claims.

There are also other choices that are available to pay for your dental crowns. Some of these options include:

  • The Traditional Dental Insurance Plan: This type of plan is where you pay on a schedule and receive dental benefits that help to pay a percentage of your dental bill
  • Dental Discount Plans: This type of plan is only offered by certain dentists or practices. It is a certain percentage off of the procedure that you are having done. Most of these discounts are paid up front or in monthly payment installments.
  • Dental Reimbursement Plan: This is a contract between you and your employer. You will get the dental work done and then take your receipt to your employer and they will pay the set amount of money that you have agreed on.
  • Financing Your Dental Procedures: There are certain companies that provide financing options to help pay for the cost of your dental procedures. These companies will depend on the provider you choose.

At Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro, North Carolina there are several different financing options available, including Care Credit, which will help to ensure you get the dental crowns you need at a reasonable cost.

Dental crowns can restore and protect broken or cracked teeth

How to Choose a Greensboro Dentist for Your Dental Crowns

Choosing a dentist is a very important decision when deciding to get dental crowns. There are several things you need to take into consideration. Some of these include:

  • The dentist’s experience performing the dental crown procedure
  • The reputation of the dental practice
  • Reviews and satisfaction of previous patients
  • The cost of the procedure
  • The Patient/Provider relationship that you have with the dentist
  • If your insurance plan covers the procedure or if other financing options are available
  • Convenient Scheduling Options
  • Emergency Dental Services

All of these things are very important to consider prior to choosing a dentist for your dental crowns. You will need to do your research as well as weigh your options to make the best, educated decision.

The dentists at Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro, NC try to be accommodating and they treat all of their patients like family. Their reputation, testimonials, and experience speak for itself.

Dental health is a large part of our lives today. We want to have healthy teeth that look good. Sometimes the only way to achieve this is to get dental crowns. It is important to know all of the facts before choosing a dentist and the type of material you want for your dental crown. Your dental crown needs to function and look like a real tooth without costing you a small fortune.

You need to be comfortable with the dental practice that you decide to entrust your oral health with. Do your research and become educated before making a final decision. Friendly Dentistry is available to answer any additional questions you may have about dental crowns and their costs. Give us a call today!