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Cracked Tooth Repair in Greensboro, NC at Friendly Dentistry

A chipped or cracked tooth is not just an aesthetic issue, it is a tooth health issue. A cracked tooth can be painful, and hypersensitive to the cold or heat. At Friendly Dentistry In Greensboro NC, our dental care experts have solutions for cracked or broken teeth that will restore your smile and more importantly improve the health of the tooth.

There are many different ways you can damage your teeth. Biting down hard into something hard or trauma to the mouth can cause cracks, chips, and little fissures in the enamel of your teeth– not to mention incredible tooth pain. No matter what the cause, a cracked tooth is an invitation for bacteria and ultimately decay. The sooner you seek quality dental treatment for a fractured tooth, the better. Cracked tooth repair at Friendly dentistry can restore your tooth, and protect it. There is no way to treat a cracked tooth at home—so your best bet is to set up an appointment with your dentist office. While you wait for your appointment, here’s a general idea of what might be wrong and what you can expect.

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Out of Pain

Our first goal at Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro NC is to get you out of pain. In some cases, a cracked tooth or broken tooth is not painful at first, but in all cases over time it will become painful. We will assess the damage to the tooth, control any pain immediately, ensure there are no other obvious dental problems, and give you treatment options to ensure that the cracked tooth repair keeps the discomfort from ever returning.

We use state of the art dental technologies to repair cracked, chipped, and damaged teeth. Some of the treatments that may apply in your case (everyone’s dental needs are unique) can include root canal treatment to control pain and infection. As experts in restorative dentistry, we have the tools and experience to apply the treatment we know will do your mouth the most good for the long term.

Dental Emergencies or Non-Emergency

While not every cracked tooth can be classified as an emergency, anytime you are experiencing pain or discomfort we consider that a dental emergency. Some cracked tooth problems with little or no pain can wait until your next regularly scheduled dental appointment with a dental professional.

There is a wide range of types of tooth cracks, chips, and breaks. While some cracks and chips are barely noticeable, most breaks are very noticeable and require emergency attention. Good oral health means addressing the problem as soon as you are aware there is a problem to prevent further damage. Permanent teeth are not like baby teeth, and will not be naturally replaced if damaged. A knowledgeable professional can assess damage to a permanent tooth and rectify it quickly and effectively.

We are happy to see you under all circumstances. If you have a dental emergency we will work you into the schedule. Making sure our patients are always comfortable is a priority for our dental practice.

Dental Services for Cracked Tooth Repair

First on our list of treatment options is to get you out of pain. That include applying a pain reliever, a cold compress to reduce swelling, or similar methods. Next, our dentist will evaluate the tooth in question, and discuss treatment options. Saving your natural tooth is the ultimate goal.  At Friendly Dentistry we use a combination of treatment options to reach that goal.

Tooth restoration can be a combination of medically necessary treatments and cosmetic treatments. Our dentist will go over your options in detail and answer any of your questions so that you can make an informed decision about which treatment is right for you. No matter the procedure, our goal is always to maintain your healthy teeth first and foremost.

In the Case of Minor Tooth Cracks

Some cracks are so minor they never go below the tooth enamel. With these types of cracks called craze lines, you likely will not be in pain, however, there may be rough areas that are uncomfortable. Our dentist will polish the cracks to deliver a more uniformed look and of course, remove those rough areas. Many patients do not realize that they have minor tooth cracks until they are told by the dentist.

A Deep Cracked Tooth

In the case of a deep crack, that extends from the chewing surface to the nerve of the tooth and gum line, at a minimum the tooth will need to be filled. In most cases, a crown (cap) is warranted to prevent further damage to the tooth. These types of cracks can be very painful and cause a great deal of discomfort when you chew. Cracked tooth repair for deep cracks can be considered emergency repairs. You do not have to deal with the toothache– we can make the repairs.

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Cracked Tooth Treatment in in Greensboro NC

A chipped tooth typically is not painful, but it can affect the aesthetic of your teeth. Depending on how large the chip is, it can also affect the health of your tooth.

Whatever your dental problem is, we can help. You do not have to live with chipped, cracked teeth, and you do not have to just deal with the dental pain. Our dental office has solutions. Make your appointment today for cracked tooth repair and all your dental health needs.

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