Understanding and Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Visiting us for a regular check-up is critical to keeping strong healthy teeth; however, we understand that you might inadvertently cringe every time you hear the word “dentist,” and you may be putting off your appointments as a result. Dental anxiety affects 10% to 20% of all dental patients. We love seeing your smiling face in our office, and we want to see more of it. So, here are a few things to help you understand and overcome your fear of the dentist.

Most of the time, dental fear is light and mild, and doesn’t interfere with regular visits. However, you might catch yourself putting off a trip to visit us if your dentist anxiety is severe. We have had a lot of patients overcome dental anxiety. It all starts with just talking to us first and letting us know how you feel so we can make your visit comfortable, and even fun.

Keep in mind that missing regular appointments can severely damage your dental health by allowing new conditions to go without treatment, or existing problems to become worse. Dental health also improves your overall well-being, and dental check-ups and procedures are key to keeping your entire body healthy.

Tips to Make You Feel Better at the dentist:

If you need extensive treatment, don’t worry about the pain or shame – we provide top-notch sedation dentistry, so you won’t feel a thing, including that pesky anxiety.

If you just need to take the edge off, we also offer laughing gas & Valium.

Patients often share with us that they hate the sound of the drill. Easy fix! We have iPods and disposable headphones, so that you can enjoy calming music or an audio book during your next visit.

Ask us questions, we’d love to answer them! Fear of the unknown can contribute to dental anxiety so the more you know the less anxious you will be.

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