Top Denture Care Tips

At Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro, NC, we do everything that we can to preserve your natural teeth, but in some cases, dentures are the best solution for replacement teeth. Whether you have supported dentures with a dental implant, a removable partial denture or a full denture for your upper and lower dentures you want to be sure that you are cleaning dentures the right way.

Dentures require special care to ensure that they continue to provide you with the smile you deserve. Your dental professional at Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro NC can provide you with in depth denture care information to ensure that your oral prosthetics continue to look great and last.

Denture care is a part of good oral care. Just because you are wearing dentures does not exclude you from caring for your gum tissue. Getting dentures does not end the need for good oral health care.

Following these simple denture care tips can help keep your dentures in great shape and ensure you enjoy good oral health.

What are Dentures?

Denture teeth are used to replace missing teeth. They are sometimes referred to as false teeth. There are different types of dentures including:

  • Partial denture. A partial, is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It can hook on to your natural teeth and typically a partial denture can be removed.
  • Implant supported denture. Retained dentures (typically the bottom plate) sit on top of implants to give a more natural secure fit. With these types of dentures, denture adhesive is not needed.

An Essential Tip

Your dentures should fit you comfortably. If you experience soreness or loose dentures, you likely need an adjustment. “Hot spots” can develop with new dentures, and sores in your mouth can develop. If your dentures are not 100% comfortable return to the dentist from an adjustment. You should not have to use a great deal of denture adhesive like Fixodent to keep your dentures in place.

Take Out Your Dentures Overnight

You should remove your dentures every night before going to bed. This gives your gums and the tissue an opportunity to breath at night. It is especially important with full dentures to remove them every night while you sleep.

While you are sleeping saliva production is low and between your upper dentures and your palette becomes a perfect breeding ground for the overgrowth of bacteria and fungus. Not removing your dentures at night can result in dental Stomatitis. Stomatitis is inflammation of the tissue under a denture. It can be uncomfortable and invite an overgrowth of candidiasis (yeast infection of the oral cavity).

A good time to soak your dentures in a special cleaning solution like Efferdent is over night. It can help to kill any bacteria and get rid of food stains on your dentures.

A Soft Toothbrush Only

Your overdenture or partial dentures are susceptible to scratching and developing fine lines, just like the enamel on your teeth is. When cleaning dentures be sure to use a soft bristle toothbrush, or get a special denture brush. Regular toothpaste can be too abrasive for denture cleaning. A commercial denture cleanser is a better option. Bleaching is not recommended.

Only Use Approved Cleaners

Never use household cleaners to clean your dentures. Some people used a mild dishwashing liquid on their dentures, but this is not really recommended. Follow the American Dental Association for recommendations on a denture cleanser.

Keep Up On Your Oral Hygiene

Having a set of dentures does not mean you do not have to perform regular oral hygiene. You can use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean your gums and a good mouthwash. If your gums are sensitive a damp clean cloth can be used to wipe around inside your mouth.

Implant Retained Dentures Need Special Care

Dentures that are retained by dental implants need special attention. The site of the implants needs to be cleaned regularly, scale can and will build up on the posts and can cause your implant supported dentures to not fit right.

Brush the area paying special attention to around the abutments (posts).

Keep Dentures Safe

It is important that you keep your dentures safe when they are not in your mouth. While they are durable, they still should not be dropped, or left to sit out. Your dentist will give you a denture container that you can fill with fresh room temperature water to store your dentures in when you are not wearing them.

Avoid using very hot water in the container to keep from affecting the shape of the dentures. One of the most important denture care tips is to keep your dentures safe when they are not in your mouth. Accidents do happen, if you need denture repair Friendly Dentistry is happy to help.

Final Tips

You do not have to go out and buy ultrasonic cleaners for your dentures, you just need to make sure you keep them clean using approved cleaning techniques. If you find that you are using more adhesives then usual, have developed mouth sores or your dentures do not fit properly make an appointment at Friendly Dentistry to have an adjustment, your dentures may need a reline.

Consider the proper denture care as part of your overall health care. At Friendly Dentistry we believe dentures the fit properly is something that every patient deserves. Partner with Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro NC for all your oral health care needs.