Got Something Stuck in Your Teeth? Here’s What To Do

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All food was not created equal. Have you ever noticed that after eating a bucket of popcorn or a few pieces of candy, you almost always end up with something stuck between your teeth you just can’t seem to get out? Having food stuck in between your teeth can cause dental problems such as bacterial growth that leads to tooth decay and periodontal disease (gum disease). It’s also frustrating to feel the extra pressure on your teeth and most people just can’t stop fiddling at it with their tongue. It’ll also make you less likely to want to eat that food again if you’re around other people so you can avoid looking foolish; and that’s no way to live your best life.

But, wait! There’s a solution. There are a few different ways you can safely get pesky, unwanted foods out from between your teeth. The best part is you won’t have to stop munching on your favorite snacks to do it.

However, if you’re out with a new date, getting food stuck between your teeth is a good way to gauge your date and see how they react. If they nicely point out a lodged piece of spinach and offer you a napkin, you’ve hit the jackpot. But if they get freaked out, it might not be best to go on that second date.

Got something stuck in my teeth

Something More Serious Than a Rogue Piece of Popcorn?

7 Ways to Get Food Out of Your Teeth Safely

There are some proper Dos and Don’ts when something has been lodged in your teeth and it won’t easily come out. You’re probably focused on immediately solving the problem, and it might sound foolish now, but if you do the wrong thing, you could seriously damage your teeth or pop out a filling.

1. Never use metal tools to get out the unwanted piece of food.

Never scrape at it with a piece of metal. Use a toothpick, dental pick, dental floss, or a water flosser. These tools should be enough to work the object free without causing any damage to the tooth or irritate gum line. It might seem easy to use a small piece of metal, like a pocket knife, to get the piece of food out, but the hard metal can easily scrape and damage your tooth enamel or gums, which could lead to more costly dental problems later on.

2. If you can’t get it out with your tongue, don’t force it.

Stop trying to get food out with your tongue if you can’t get rid of it right away. Repeatedly stretching your tongue and jaw into awkward positions will wear your jaw muscles down, which can lead tojaw pain, chewing problems, TMJ exacerbations, and disrupted speech patterns. Swish some liquid in your mouth instead. Use warm water or mouthwash and swish it between your teeth to loosen the bit of food. Voila! That should do the trick and get the food particles out from between your pearly whites!

3. Be gentle when you floss.

Don’t pull on the piece of food hard with a piece of floss. Sometimes the thing between your teeth is just stuck and even a piece of floss doesn’t seem to do the trick. You might be tempted to pull on it really hard, but this could lead to pulling out a filling or disturbing another dental treatment. Both of these could lead to more costly procedures overtime. Use floss to gently dislodge the bits of food. If you’re still having trouble, try using a different kind of floss, floss pick or toothpicks and gently work it back and forth to get a better angle.

4. Crunchy foods are your friend.

Believe it or not, crunchy vegetables are better than soft ones if you don’t want to walk around with food unknowingly stuck in your teeth. Ordering the crudite platter at lunch or dinner is not only a good idea for your health, but also good for your social life since you won’t be walking around with unwanted food plastered between your teeth. Turns out, these crunchy veggies act as a sort of edible toothbrush that can scrub away food caught in tricky places.

5. Try the toothpick trick.

We all know how to use a toothpick, but there is a trick if the piece of unwanted food just won’t budge. Place a toothpick in-between the two teeth where the piece of food is lodged. Push the toothpick in a little bit so it stays in place. Keep it there for a minute or two so it allows your teeth to move slightly. Push on the toothpick one more time so the teeth move a little further apart and then wait a couple of minutes. Remove the toothpick and try flossing again and rinse your mouth. This should be enough for the piece of unwanted food to pop right out.

6. Keep a piece of paper handy.

Most of use have a piece of paper, or we can easily find one. When you’re in a pinch and you have unwanted food in your teeth, just rip a piece of paper out from your planner if you don’t have a toothpick or other dental tool available. It’s really simple. Just fold the tip of the piece of paper into a little triangle and use it like a makeshift toothpick.

If you just can’t seem to get the piece of food free

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