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Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple

It’s October- a month of cooler weather, turning leaves and buckets full of Halloween candy!  As everyone enjoys their Halloween treats this year, we’ve gathered a few tips that everyone can follow to Beat the Sweets and keep those teeth healthy!  As your local Greensboro, NC dentistry practice, we want to make sure your teeth stay healthy throughout  this upcoming sugary season.  Here are a few hints and tips to keep in mind as you and your family dive into your Halloween candy:

  • When to brush: Remember to be careful to only brush your teeth 30 minutes or more after you have eaten anything, including candy. Bacteria on your teeth will release acid when it breaks down the sugar.  That acid weakens your teeth for up to 30 minutes after you eat.
  • Watch out for sticky and chewy candy such as gummy worms, taffy, or caramel. They stick to your teeth and could pull out loose fillings, crowns, or other dental hardware.
  • Fruit: If you opt for a healthy candy substitute like fruit, keep in mind that fruit is still filled with sugars.  Remember to clean your teeth after eating apples, raisins, or any other healthy alternatives to Halloween candy.
  • Floss and rinse: Do not forget to floss and rinse this Halloween season! You should be flossing year round of course, but especially so around the sweetest months of the year.  Flossing and rinsing will help get any remaining bits of candy out from between your teeth where they will do the most damage.
  • Water: Try swishing some water in your mouth after every few bites of candy to get some of the residual sugars off your teeth. It also helps to drink water and stay hydrated.

These tips will keep your teeth strong and healthy through the Halloween season.  Have fun this October 31st!

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