How to Make Brushing Teeth Fun For Kids

Having your children brush their teeth is super important. Not only should they learn good oral hygiene when they are young, but keeping their teeth clean as children can really set the stage for their teeth later on in life.

The only trouble is, they never want to do it because it isn’t very fun. Children want to do activities that are going to keep their attention and not feel so much like a chore.

So how do you make that happen?

child brushing teeth

Use an App

There are apps that have been created that make teeth brushing time more interesting. They do this in a number of ways. Some plays songs that encourage teeth brushing, but also have a built-in timer so that you know your children are brushing for the right amount of time. Not only this, but whenever you complete this task, you can collect points! This will show them their progress and make them feel better about paying attention to their oral health.

Check out this free app that allows your kids to collect their favorite Disney and Marvel characters every time they brush for the correct amount of time.

My teeth were making me look really old. So, I decided that if I could get them fixed up, maybe it would help. And it did, a lot! I’m much more comfortable giving a big grin… It was painless, it was easy and it was so worth anything to go through this. I love my teeth!.

– Cindy

Sing a Song

For those children who like to sing, it might help if you sing a song. Make sure to sing long enough so that you hit the two minute mark. This will create positive associations with brushing and will encourage them to brush their teeth the proper length of time.

Pretend to Be an Animal

One problem that children tend to face is that they don’t open their mouth wide enough to brush the teeth in the very back of their mouth. One way to fix this problem is to encourage them to act like animals such as lions, hippos, or crocodiles to get them to open their mouth super wide. They get to play make believe and brush their teeth all at the same time!

Give Them a Reward

If you have a timer, tell your child that they will win and get a small reward if they brush their teeth for the entire length of the timer. What rewards will work best for each kid can vary, but they will begin to associate brushing their teeth with a reward. This puts teeth brushing in a positive light!

mother and child brushing teeth

Make Teeth Brushing Time Part of a Story

While they might find brushing their teeth boring by itself, if you make it part of a bigger story, they might find it more fun. Tell them they’re helping Superman to fight the plaque monsters or that in order to rescue the princess they must first brush their teeth. This gives it more context for them and even makes it a little more fun!

If you have been wondering how to make brushing teeth fun for your kids, these tips should give you a great start. It’s also important to remember that they should be in to see their dentist regularly, as well. In order to call and make an appointment, contact Friendly Dentistry today!