Mouthwash: What’s it good for, anyway?


Does using mouthwash replace flossing?  Definitely not!  However, adding mouthwash to your daily homecare routine will help keep your teeth healthy and clean. But flossing, brushing, and using mouthwash every day will help keep your teeth healthy and clean.

Mouthwash is an antiseptic liquid that fights bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay.  Mouthwash comes in many different types and flavors.  Some have specific active ingredients to combat cavities, while others focus on bad breath.  If you feel unsure that you’re using the right type of mouthwash for you, ask us the next time you come in for a visit.

Despite what you may have seen in commercials, mouthwash does not remove built-up plaque or compacted food stuck in teeth.  Rinsing with mouthwash is no substitute for a toothbrush and floss.  Mouthwash can get in between your teeth where your tooth brush cannot and it can help flush out loose food particles.  Depending on the active ingredients, your mouthwash can eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath, restore some minerals to your teeth, and prevent plaque build-up on the surface of your teeth.  So don’t forget to grab that mouthwash after you brush your teeth to make sure your daily dental cleaning is complete!