Friendly Dentistry: Establishing Oral Care Early

Teaching children the right way to care for their teeth is vital to their oral hygiene. Friendly Dentistry focuses on providing the tools and knowledge to maintain healthy teeth for children, starting from infancy all the way to 18 years of age. Our pediatric staff understands that your child’s experience with us could affect their view of going to the dentist for the rest of their lives, which is why we do everything to keep their visit with us gentle and fun. At Friendly Dentistry of Greensboro, our dedicated staff always strives to provide the highest quality of dental care available in the Piedmont Triad area.

Our kid-friendly dental team also believes that it takes a team effort to maintain good dental health for children. Therefore, we involve the parents in the child’s treatment plan to help you and your child establish a healthy oral care regimen and lifestyle they can carry with them into adulthood and throughout their lifetime.

Gentle Pediatric Dentist Services Provided By a Team That Cares

If you find your child may be having oral health issues, we will help both you and your child understand what is going on inside their mouth and provide the appropriate treatment, which may include one or more of the following children’s dental services:

Cleanings and Fluoride

It is recommended that your child visits us every 6 months for a professional teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment to protect their teeth and gums. This can keep their oral health ahead of the curve when it comes to developing dental problems such as cavities or gum diseases like gingivitis. Fluoride plays a very important role in preventing tooth decay. It is important to note that a professional cleaning is not meant to replace daily dental care. Preventive care starts at home with daily brushing and flossing.

Infant Exams

Once your child’s first tooth appears, you should bring them to a pediatric dentist for the first dental appointment. We will inspect the tooth to ensure it is healthy, ensure their jaw is developing normally, and teach you about caring for their baby teeth. Since this will be your child’s first visit, we will ask for some medical history in order to develop a treatment plan. We keep the experience positive and pleasurable so your child will continue to feel comfortable visiting the dentist. 

Habit Appliance Therapy

Some children develop habits such as thumb sucking, extensive use of a pacifier, or tongue thrusting. We have treatment options available to help manage these habits. We will inspect your child’s mouth and discuss their habits in order to develop a plan of treatment. Treatment may include the use of a habit appliance. 


X-rays are our best way to ensure your child’s adult teeth are coming in properly. By using x-rays we can foresee problems and recommend the necessary steps to prevent or correct them early on, such as referral to an orthodontist for braces. Our digital x-ray equipment gives off much less radiation than older equipment and takes less time. If children are anxious or overwhelmed by the equipment, we can provide them with the option to watch a movie while we conduct the x-rays to help keep them at ease.


A sealant is a clear, plastic material that is painted onto the surface of a tooth and acts as a barrier against food, acid, and plaque. Sealants have become a popular, painless way to protect your child’s teeth during their cavity prone years. Parents have come to appreciate the procedure because it is fast and their child can eat or drink immediately after the appointment. 


In modern dentistry, we offer two types of fillings, metal (aka amalgam fillings) and resin-composite fillings. These work best for restorative dentistry. Composite fillings have become more popular since they are tooth-colored and blend in with your teeth. The filling is used to repair a tooth which has been affected by decay or cracks. The decayed or chipped part of the tooth is removed and filled with the composite or metal filling. 

Dental Crowns

Crowns, or sometimes referred to as caps, are used when a tooth is too damaged to be repaired using a filling. In pediatric dental care, stainless steel crowns are used due to their high durability. The tooth-shaped cap is placed over the damaged tooth to strengthen it and provide stability. Crowns are only used if there are no other options for their primary adult teeth. 


Although we always try to do our best to save teeth, sometimes the best option is to have them removed. In general, our dental specialists will only extract a tooth if it is largely decayed and cannot be restored, if the nerves are infected, or to address orthodontic concerns. Sometimes the dentist will use space maintainers to preserve the space so it can be replaced by an adult tooth. 

Sedation Dentistry

If your child is fearful, apprehensive or has special needs, we can utilize sedation techniques such as oral sedation or nitrous oxide, to provide them with a more gentle, positive experience while visiting our dental office in Greensboro, North Carolina

Maintain Your Child's Dental Health

Establish a comprehensive oral care routine early!

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry Available

Emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we also offer emergency pediatric dentist services. If a dental emergency occurs, it is vital to get treatment as soon as possible to prevent the possible need for more extensive dental treatment. As an emergency children’s dentist, our dental professionals are trained to make every child feel safe and comfortable during the treatment process. If your child is suffering from any of the following dental emergencies, you should call us at (336) 360-5838 to schedule your appointment immediately:

smiling boy waiting for a dental exam

Dentistry For Kids and Teens

Teaching children how to best care for their teeth from an early age prepares them for a future of healthy oral habits. The dental habits your child establishes will form the foundation of their oral health care throughout their lifetime. To learn the best ways to care for your child’s teeth and leave them with a healthy smile that will last throughout their adult life, contact us today to schedule an appointment at our pediatric dental office in Greensboro. We proudly service all of the Piedmont Triad area.

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