Popular Misconceptions About Veneers

When you find you have issues with your teeth, the next step is to do some research and figure out your best options.

Veneers are a common procedure that you might want to turn to, but there are also many misconceptions about the procedure, so it’s best to set the record straight.

The Number of Veneers

Veneers do not typically get put on every tooth. Each veneer can cost anywhere between $800 to $2,000. That would get mighty expensive! Typically veneers are put on the front teeth and the rest are bleached in order to create a beautiful smile. The good news is that your veneers last a very long time!

Veneers Can Replace a Tooth

The answer to this is no. Your veneer is placed over your tooth, so it won’t work if the tooth is missing. However, dentures or implants can be used to replace the teeth you’ve lost. Veneers will improve the appearance of your smile and are a form of cosmetic dentistry, and not restorative.

All Teeth are Eligible for Veneers

Not every tooth is going to be a good candidate for veneers. A small part of the tooth’s enamel has to be shaved away in order to make room for it. If your teeth are too worn down or decayed, then the veneer will not work. If you find this is the case, crowns may be a better solution for you.

Veneers Break Easily

Veneers are breakable, however, they are not easily breakable. Breaking your veneers would take a great deal of force, equivalent to that of biting through a bone. Your dentist will give you a list of things to avoid once you have veneers. Also, they do not stain as easily as most people believe. If you stick to brushing and flossing your teeth then you won’t have an issue.

Veneers All Look Alike

This is not true. When it comes to veneers, there are different materials that they can be made of and even come in various shades in order to match the surrounding teeth. This allows for personalization and the most natural look. While some patients will want to use veneers to make their smile brighter, others will use it to even out their smile.

Getting Veneers Requires Many Visits

The good news is this isn’t true! You can get all the benefits of veneers in as little as two visits. The first visit is to decide on preferences and to get impressions, and the second visit is when they will be put on your teeth. However, there will be some individuals who will need three or four visits to ensure beautiful results.

Getting Veneers Causes Pain

This is totally untrue! During this procedure, the patient is anesthetized so there should be no pain or discomfort at all. You will be relaxed throughout the procedure and, if need be, will be given anti-inflammatories afterward.

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