Anne Hathaway

Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Smiles (Female)

From the glossy pages of fashion magazines to sky-high billboards, the dazzling smiles of these stunning ladies have lit up some of the most glamorous places […]
Invisalign clear braces

Should I Choose Invisalign Braces over Regular Braces?

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Palette For Tooth Color

Consultations with Your Cosmetic Dentist- What to Expect

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Smile Makeover teeth whitening

What a Smile Makeover Can Do For You

There’s no dismissing the fact that having a bright, healthy smile opens doors in life. In interpersonal interactions, the interview process, and romantic endeavors alike, a […]
Patient Getting Dentist Checkup

A Closer Look at How Teeth Cosmetics are More Than Cosmetic

The meaning of the word “cosmetic” in everyday life usually means something that is superfluous, something that just looks nice but has little substance, or just […]
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Teeth Stains

Keeping stains off your teeth is a two part process.  Good brushing habits and regular dental cleanings with us will help keep your teeth bright and […]