Teeth Friendly Snacks on the Go!

teeth friendly snacks

The long, hot summer is just around the corner, which means relaxing outside and getting outdoors. It also means more picnic lunches and snacks to go, but don’t reach for the sweets no matter how delicious they might seem! Here are some tips for quick and healthy teeth friendly snacks that are good for your dental health and your body:

Raw veggies

Raw veggies are the perfect finger food at just the right size. A bag of baby carrots or small peppers are ready to be eaten. Raw veggies are easy to prepare and don’t require any time to make and they’re healthy for you and your teeth.


Plain yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese curds, or plain cheese are great ways to get some calcium into your diet. Cheese is easy to cut up and cheese curds are already bite sized. If you go for yogurt, make sure to get plain, as flavored yogurt tends to have a lot of added sugar. It’s also nice to swish or rinse your mouth after eating these foods.


All nuts are full of protein, and shelled nuts are easy to throw in your bag and eat on the go. (Remember to get unsalted and stay away from any sort of flavored nut in order to avoid added sugars and harmful ingredients). Walnuts and almonds are great ways to get a quick boost of energy while running around outside. Don’t forget the seeds! Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are simple and healthy ways fuel your outdoor adventures. Nuts can be surprisingly crunchy & hard on your teeth, though. So, take care while you are chomping down!


Need something sweet? Reach for the fruit instead of the candy! Apples, oranges, pears, and grapes are a few fruits that are ready to be eaten. Natural peanut butter can easily be added to an apple slice to make a power-packed and tasty snack.

Remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated while running around outside. Have a happy and healthy summer!

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