The Benefits of Sedation Dental Care

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sedation dentalWe have talked about how dental sedation works and why we do it, but we haven’t talked about the specific benefits of sedation dentistry.  The obvious benefit is, you don’t feel any pain during an appointment, but you actually get a lot of other benefits from choosing dental sedation for your next visit.  Let’s look at a few of those below:

Painless numbing

Sedation doesn’t work on the surface level like Novocain, and it isn’t injected into your gums. It numbs the pain receptors in your entire body, and is administered as a gas. You might feel a light pressure during the procedure, but you won’t feel sharp pain.

Conscious and responsive, while completely relaxed

You are fully awake and responsive while you’re sedated. You have control over your body and mind, but it will just feel good to sit back and relax.  This is good for both you and us because if we need to get at a better angle on a tooth we can ask you to move your head or adjust your position on your own.

Some dental sedation patients do fall asleep during their appointment- which can be a great way to get through your visit if you’re anxious!

Comfortable conversation

Sedation can make you a bit loopy and lower your speech inhibitions, but you won’t start spilling state secrets. You will however feel very relaxed and probably won’t experience as much anxiety about talking with the face behind the mask.

Dental sedation eliminates general dental anxiety

We have found that sedation helps reduce or completely eliminate dental anxiety, both before and after the procedure. Dental anxiety can be devastating to your teeth because any problem you put off due to anxiety will only get worse.  Dental sedation doesn’t involve any sharp pain and you don’t lose consciousness.  There is no injection to get stressed out over, but you also don’t have to worry about being unconscious.  We have found that the ability for a patient to go through a procedure this relaxed has helped them cope with dental anxiety. This has helped our patients regain control over their health and attend to long-neglected dental problems.

The next time you need an appointment and might be holding off because of anxiety, ask us about sedation.

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