Veneers Before and After

Smile makeovers can be one of the most beneficial procedures a dentist can perform. They improve the way you look, the way you feel – and in some cases, even the way you talk, smile and eat.  But how do you know if dental veneers are the right choice for you? There are a number of situations in which veneers can help you. Here is a shakedown of veneers before and after.

Before Veneers

  1. Your original teeth have become discolored or do not respond to bleaching.
  2. The shape of your teeth is off or does not create a natural, appealing smile.
  3. Your teeth have become jagged or irregular with chips or cracks.
  4. Your teeth are fractured or there are gaps between your teeth.
  5. There are minor problems with your bite due to tooth positioning.
veneers before and after

After Veneers

The difference that veneers make to your mouth and smile can be amazing. Since they are individually sculpted and created for each patient, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between veneers and your natural teeth. The only giveaway may be how healthy, bright, even and white your new smile is – regardless of how dark or stained your original teeth were. Veneers also provide distinct advantages over natural teeth, because they far more stain-resistant. Even coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes are safe, keeping your new teeth as bright as when you first unveil your new veneers.

If you think dental veneers may be the right choice for you, contact our Friendly Denistry staff here.