Why Do I have Sensitive Teeth?

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Your teeth will become sensitive because of fluid moving around in the dentin (the tissues under the hard enamel) which then results in your nerves being irritated. It can also be caused by the teeth and gums receding, which leaves the tubes exposed to the elements.

There are many culprits when it comes to teeth sensitivity that should be given professional attention. Here are a couple things to speak with your dentist about.

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Warning Signs in Tooth Sensitivity

We know what causes the sensitivity, but what causes the pain?

Micro-crack, degraded filling or cavity: These three scenarios all mean the same thing: in one way or another, the enamel of your tooth has worn down and the dentin has become exposed. Each scenario would require a visit to the dentist’s office in order to restore the state of your teeth.

Reactions to Hot, Cold and Pressure: Some people find they have a reaction to one of these three things. However, if you’re experiencing sensitivity in relation to all three, you might have an infection on top of eroded enamel.

General Aching: If you find that you have more of a general ache than a sharp pain, you might find that it’s your gums that are bothering you and not your teeth. Exposed gums that have been interacting with harsh elements are going to cause discomfort. Receding gums can cause the roots to be exposed. This can be caused by brushing too hard, chewing tobacco, and allowing plaque to build up can cause your gums to recede.

How to Treat Your Sensitive Teeth

There are some changes you could make in order to cause less irritation.

  • Mouthwash and teeth whitening products: More isn’t always better with these products. Make sure to read the directions and use them accordingly. There are chemicals in those products that if used too often can do more harm than good.
  • Watch acidity levels: Foods such as lemons, tomatoes and others high in acid can wear down the enamel even further. It’s best to reduce your intake of these foods.
  • Lessen the pressure: Many will either apply too much pressure or use a hard-bristled toothbrush when brushing their teeth. The truth is you don’t need to use so much pressure! Being gentle to your teeth can preserve your enamel.
  • Try a new toothpaste: There is a type of toothpaste specifically for those who have sensitive teeth. They have an agent in them that fills in the tubes and blocks sensitivity and pain.
  • Try and catch it early: Sensitivities are usually signs of something else developing. It’s easiest to treat the source when it’s caught early and can be treated.
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Speaking with your dentist about any sensitivities you might have could save you pain and money later on down the road. Contact Friendly Dentistry today to discuss your sensitive teeth!

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