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Our dentist office in Greensboro NC helps our patients and their family maintain good dental health for a lifetime. We try to seat patients within 5 minutes of their scheduled appointment, we take time to listen to what is most important to the patient, and we provide affordable financing options. As one of the top dentists in Greensboro, our highly trained dentists helpfully inform each patient of the best treatment options available for them based on their current needs and future goals. Some of our most popular dental services include:

Woman smiling with perfect smile and white teeth in a park and looking at camera

Teeth Cleaning

Keep your smile bright, beautiful, and healthy!

Man With Tooth Pain - Emergency Dentist in Greensboro for Tooth Pain and Other Dental Emergencies

Emergency Care

24/7 Emergency dental care available in Greensboro for all patients of record.


Restorative Dentistry

We offer an array of dentures, implants and partials for the perfect smile.

Teeth Whitening for weddings

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whiten, repair and straighten your teeth with our smile makeover services.

“You come in and they know you by name. I have never had any discomfort whatsoever and for someone who didn’t want to go to the dentist willingly… now I love coming in, I look forward to going and I want to be here and it is just a good feeling when you know that your comfort and your happiness is the most important thing to them” – Christy

Meet Our Dentists


Dr. Guy Ribando, Dr. Brittany Blue, Dr. Mark Wilkinson, and Dr. Andrew Burton have years of experience providing high quality dental care. They work as our primary dentists in our office in Greensboro, NC. Each of them brings different specialties to the dental practice.


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