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At Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro, NC, we understand that some people get anxious when it comes to visiting the dentist– so much so that they may avoid seeking necessary dental care, which can be detrimental to their dental health. Sedation dentistry is designed to address the fear, anxiety and unease associated with being in a dental chair so everyone can practice proper oral hygiene.

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What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry, in short, is the use of mild anesthesia to help patients to relax during dental procedures. Your dentist will also numb the specific area of the jaw where you will be receiving the necessary dental procedure. The gentle anesthesia we administer allows us to provide the best dental care in Greensboro without you having to worry about emotional distress or pain. Dental anxiety sufferers usually find these treatments allow themselves to feel calm, confident, and proactive about their dental care instead of fearful.

Whether you experience mild dental anxiety or severe dental phobia, it’s still crucial for your oral health to receive the dental care and maintenance you need. With routine dental visits, seemingly minor periodontal issues can be detected and repaired before they develop into more severe dental issues. If you do not see a dental professional regularly, you may not realize that you could be in the initial stages of periodontal disease. Contact our Greensboro dental office to schedule your next appointment. Our goal is to help treat patients with dental phobias that are characterized by fear, worry, and discomfort. Once you feel secure about visiting the dentist, you can live a healthier, stress-free life.

Friendly Dentistry offers its patients the best sedation dental services in the Piedmont Triad. Simply put, our priority is to help patients feel more comfortable while in the dentist’s chair. With sedation dentistry, you can lie back, breathe, and let us craft you the perfect smile– anxiety-free!

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What To Expect From Our Sedation Dentistry Process

There’s no need to be afraid of being sedated during your dental procedure – it is meant to help you relax and feel comfortable. Sedation dentistry will not cause you to fall asleep, though you may feel like you woke up from a four-hour nap after the procedure. The light anesthesia we administer will allow you to feel relaxed, peaceful, and comfortable throughout your dental visit. In fact, many patients at Friendly Dentistry say they don’t even notice the time passing and feel completely at ease during their visit at our dentist office.

Since many medications used in sedation dentistry have an amnesiac effect, you may even have little or no memory that the dental appointment happened at all. Don’t be alarmed. This is completely normal. Along with easing anxiety and helping us provide even better dental care, many patients say the sedation dentistry process also gives them a much-needed break!

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What Does The Sedation Dentistry Process Look Like?

Before Your Appointment

Your dentist will give you one pill to take orally. There is no intravenous sedation or local anesthesia used, we only use what is referred to as “conscious sedation”. The sedation medication we use is a safe, painless, and effective anesthetic with proven results.

  • Before your procedure begins, we will connect you to a medical monitor, which will allow us to track your blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygen levels during sedation.
  • If you are not comfortable enough, we can easily administer more sedation medicine, as needed, so you can relax.
  • Given the time it typically takes any form of anesthesia to wear off, you will need a driver to take you to and from the appointment.

Whether you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry, in need of restorative dentistry, or require emergency dentistry services, give us a call at (336)-360-5838 to make your appointment today. We can discuss your treatment options and discover sedation techniques that are right for you.

Painless procedures and fantastic results. Restorative dentistry at Friendly Dental

My teeth were making me look really old. So, I decided that if I could get them fixed up, maybe it would help. And it did, a lot! I’m much more comfortable giving a big grin… It was painless, it was easy and it was so worth anything to go through this. I love my teeth!”

– Cindy

Sedation Dentistry FAQ

If you’re feeling apprehensive about going to the dentist or using dental anesthesia, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that will help you feel more at ease.

Local-anesthetic is most commonly used for dental work. During treatment, it helps prevent pain in a specific area of your mouth. By blocking the nerves that sense or transfer pain, the dental anesthetic helps numb the area of your jaw that requires treatment. Sometimes topical anesthetics are used to calm painful mouth sores. Injectable anesthetics are helpful for procedures like filling cavities, treating gum disease, root canals, or preparing teeth for crowns. Some additional types of dental sedation we may use include:

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing-gas) – the mildest form of dental sedation. It is distributed through a mask which allows the patient to breathe in the odorless gas. It often provides a calming sensation for uneasy adults and is a simple way for pediatric patients to stay still during dental treatments. 
  • Oral sedation – the most common solution for our patients. Our dentists provide a mild oral sedative prior to treatment. It is safe and effective, plus it’s great for patients who have a fear of needles.
  • Intravenous sedation – this is the deepest level of sedation that is available and is typically only administered to patients with extreme anxiety or for complex dental procedures.

If you have experienced one or more of the following, you may have dental anxiety. An experienced dental anesthesiologist can help alleviate the stress of a dental office visit caused by:

  • Lack of numbness/resistance to Novocaine during common dental procedures
  • A traumatic dental experience in the past
  • Fear of ridicule due to significant dental damage
  • A sensitive gag reflex, sensitive gums, or sensitive teeth

Anesthesia, sedation, and sleep dentistry is a great option for individuals who require several procedures in one treatment, or those who require a significantly longer treatment. If you live near Greensboro, NC area and you’re interested in getting general anesthesia or moderate sedation for your next dental appointment, contact our dental office today!

Think of dental sedation as a “lighter sleep.” You’ll be asleep but you’ll still be able to respond to touch, light, or sound. Dental sedation is often used when a small area needs to be worked on, and general anesthesia is not necessary. General anesthesia is a “deeper sleep.” Of course, dental care varies in complexity, so a patient who receives dental care often may experience both at some point or another.

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Local Sedation Dentist In Your Community

If dental anesthesia or sedation sounds like the right choice for you, you have plenty of safe options available at Friendly Dentistry. Our Greensboro dentists have helped hundreds of people achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, while also guiding them through a calm and comfortable sedation process. If you suffer from dental fear and anxiety, partner with Friendly Dentistry.

Sedation dentistry can relieve your fear of the dentist, the dentist’s chair, and even dental tools like drills. Don’t let dental anxiety hold you back from getting the oral care you need any longer! If you’re still not sure about getting anesthesia or sedation at your next dental visit, we’re only a phone call away. When you contact us, you can chat with us on the phone about your concerns and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and ease your fears.