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Sports Drink Bottles

Sports Drinks or Water from the Dental Perspective

Dr. Reid Clark is a dentist in Greensboro, NC, who has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry for over 30 years. He performs amazing smile designs […]
Pronamel Toothpaste

Official Toothpaste Recommendation from Friendly Dentistry

Dr. Mark Wilkinson is a dentist in Greensboro, NC, who has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years.  He specializes in amazing dentures that fit fantastically […]
Blonde Woman Brushing Teeth

When is the Best Time to Brush Your Teeth?

  You have probably heard that you should be brushing your teeth twice a day, but does it matter when you brush?  Preferred times are: once […]

Mouthwash: What’s it good for, anyway?

Does using mouthwash replace flossing?  Definitely not!  However, adding mouthwash to your daily homecare routine will help keep your teeth healthy and clean. But flossing, brushing, […]
teeth flossing

Flossing: Just Do It!

Brushing and mouthwash are certainly key elements to cleaning your teeth, but there are parts of your teeth that only floss can reach.  The areas between […]
Tooth Whitening

Intrinsic Teeth Staining: Where Does It Come From and How Can I Fix It?

Sometimes your teeth are stained because of what you eat and drink.  This is called extrinsic staining and it can be dealt with rather easily.  However, […]

Am I Using the Right Toothpaste?

Do you make the right choice when buying toothpaste?  There are many different options in the dental care aisle, each one boasting to make your teeth […]
Blonde Couple

Replace a Missing Tooth

Dental implants are a modern, conservative, and highly successful means to replace a missing tooth.  While there are many reasons that patients lose teeth, implants offer […]
teeth stains

Teeth Stains

Keeping stains off your teeth is a two part process.  Good brushing habits and regular dental cleanings with us will help keep your teeth bright and […]
Recovery from Surgery

Advice for After-Surgery Care

Having a dental operation can be stressful, but it’s necessary for the sake of your health and the strength of your teeth.  Before and after each […]