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Surpassing Excellence in Dental Care Services

Our Greensboro family dentist office treats adults and children of all ages with an unwavering dedication to helping our patients maintain healthy and vibrant smiles for the rest of their life. We believe in going above and beyond your expectations when you you come in for your first or recurring dental care visit by providing:

Custom Dental Treatment Plans We always offer treatment options. Our versatility and expertise allow us to custom fit a treatment plan for you, and we do it guiltfree. No lectures.

No Wait Dentistry Our goal is to seat every patient within 5 minutes of their scheduled appointment. We do everything possible to accomplish this.

Special Financing Options We utilize Care Credit, Wells Fargo, and other companies to offer the best option for you. (Subject to credit approval. Ask for details.)

If you experience a dental emergency after normal business hours or on the weekend, we are here to help! Dental emergencies never have the best timing, so as a leading Greensboro, NC emergency dentist we’re available 24/7 to ensure you don't suffer with unbearable dental pain. From a loose tooth, knocked-out tooth or unbearable toothaches – Contact Friendly Dentistry for emergency dental care!

We can help you get the smile you've always wanted with our cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our dentists are all experienced in the art and science of providing porcelain veneers in the Piedmont, NC and Greensboro, NC area; with several hundred complete smile designs and an even greater number of bonding and partial veneer cases. Very few dentists in North Carolina can match the expertise and experience.

The American Dental Association recommends having your teeth professionally cleaned bi-annually to prevent gingivitis, tooth decay and help prevent serious dental problems from forming. We make sure your regularly scheduled teeth cleaning service is quick and painless and do everything possible to ensure you're completely comfortable during your routine teeth cleaning.

At our practice, we specialize in providing top-quality restorative dental services to enhance both the function and aesthetics of your smile. Our experienced team offers a comprehensive range of treatments including tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants, and root canal therapy. We prioritize patient comfort and use state-of-the-art techniques to ensure optimal results. Whether you need a simple filling or a complete smile makeover, we are committed to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

If you're an adult who experiences stress, fear or anxiety at the dentist, you’re not alone. Some patients may have had previous traumatic dental experiences, are afraid of needles, have strong gag reflexes and other circumstances where sedation dentistry can help make a dental appointment more tolerable. We can use mild sedatives to calm and relax a patient during a dental appointment.

Straighten your smile with our quick and simple Invisalign Clear Aligner Therapy. Our aligners gradually shift your teeth into the proper position without noticeable braces. We can create a personalized plan with custom-made aligners to give you the smile you deserve. These aligners are removable, allowing you to comfortably eat, drink, brush, and floss while offering you the discreet corrective services you need.

Our practice specializes in offering long-lasting solutions for missing teeth. Our dental implants are expertly placed in the jawbone, ensuring a stable foundation for replacement teeth. We can guide you through the process, offer consultations to answer your questions, and lead you through your procedure to brighten your smile, strengthen your bite, and fight bone loss.

Dental X-Rays are one of the most useful dental inventions of the 21st century. At Friendly Dentistry we use x-rays to detect broken teeth, cancerous tissues and other dangerous conditions hidden below the tooth’s surface. The American Dental Association recommends x-rays to be taken every 1-2 years for children and teens and every 2-3 years for adults to prevent serious tooth issues from forming. At Friendly Dentistry we’ll take dental x-rays during one of your bi-annual teeth cleaning appointments, and a dentist is always available to answer any questions you may have about the x-ray procedure.

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