Should I Make an Extra Trip to the Dentist?

extra dental visit

Regularly visiting the dentist is very important to your health. It is generally recommended that you have a check-up twice a year (about six months apart) for a cleaning and to make everything is healthy. Not only does that help us catch any issues, but allows us to keep good track of your oral health over the years. We will also be able to clean parts of your teeth you might not be able to normally reach, which will help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. However, there are a few cases where you should visit us more frequently.  An extra dental visit is necessary:

  • If you continually have a very bad taste in your mouth and very bad breath no matter what preventative actions you take, you should come in and see us.
  • Any sort of lasting pain in your mouth is worth giving us a call.
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.
  • If your gums start rapidly receding from your gum line.
  • If your teeth drastically shift in alignment for whatever reason, come in and see us. A shift could mean damaged teeth and painful chewing.
  • If you chip, break, or lose a permanent tooth, then get in to see us right away- that’s a dental emergency that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible!

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