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first dentist visit to Friendly Dentistry Office in Greensboro, NCThe first dentist visit as an adult is always a great moment of independence, but may be accompanied by some apprehension.  You will have to pay more attention to what goes on in your dental visits now that you’re in full control of your health and your wallet.  What can you expect out of your first dentist visit on your own?

First Dentist Visit Discussion

We will be talking to you about subjects that we would normally reserve for your parents, so be ready to talk.  We’ll discuss your diet, brushing habits, and general dental hygiene as we always have, but we want to talk directly to you about your current dental health, as well as any potential risks.  As you get older, these issues are more likely to come up as your teeth wear down a bit from general use.  We’ll also talk about tobacco, alcohol use, and nutrition a bit more in depth and how they impact your dental health.

Checking and cleaning your teeth

We’ll continue to keep an eye out for cavities, gum infection, and other oral health problems.  Continuing to brush your teeth each day will limit the amount of procedures you’ll need in the future.  We’ll also give you advice on the best way to clean your teeth including recommended tooth brushes, toothpastes, floss, and mouth wash so you can pick them up when you’re out shopping.

Payment and future plans for dental health

We want to make sure you are able to get the dental care you need on a regular basis and will be able to pay for any procedures that may come up, such as fillings or crowns.  It’s very important to deal with any problems as soon as you can before they worsen and cause more problems.  However, we understand you might not always have the money to pay for the procedure.  We can work with you and your insurance (if you have it) to set up a payment plan that ensures you get the care you need. We are an unrestricted provider, which means we can work with all types of dental benefits. As a service to the patient, we are happy to file all insurance claims.

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