This is really the only dentist office that I have ever been to where I don’t mind walking in the door. As child I had a very traumatic experience at the dentist which gave me, of course, the big phobia. And I would go, but I didn’t like it. I like coming here. The staff here is the best! One time I asked them “Do you guys really like this so much?” because they seemed to be having such a good time in their job. And they said “yeah!” So, that’s kinda nice. I think Dr. Clark has been very very selective in who he has working for him. I think one of the most important things to him is to make sure that the people here make you comfortable.

My teeth were making me look really old. So, I decided that if I could get them fixed up, maybe it would help. And it did, a lot! I’m much more comfortable giving a big grin. I’ve always been an ear-to-ear grinner. It’s in my family and whether I like it or not, I do. And now I’m more comfortable because I know my teeth look prettier. I was the biggest baby on earth and Dr. Clark had put on his velvet gloves to handle me. But, he did a great job. It was painless, it was easy and it was so worth anything to go through this. I love my teeth!


Dr. Clark and his staff are the best. It was an amazing procedure. I just remember sitting in that chair, cuddled up in a blanket and watching TV. They were constantly asking “Are you ok?” “Are you feeling alright?” They let me know step by step what was happening. Each step of the way, it was “This what you will hear.” “This is what you will feel.” That is very comforting to know what’s going on and to be such a big part of it. You come in and they know you by name. I have never had any discomfort whatsoever and for someone who didn’t want to go to the dentist willingly… now I love coming in, I look forward to going and I want to be here and it is just a good feeling when you know that your comfort and your happiness is the most important thing to them.

The best part of going through with my smile design is that I am no longer self conscious and I don’t think about smiling before I smile. I didn’t really realize that I was ducking the camera or doing that closed-lip smile and now I greet people and approach people with a big smile and their natural reaction is to smile back at you and that’s a positive thing that gives you a lot of confidence. I didn’t think that people who didn’t know me would even notice but I would just be standing in line at the movies or at the grocery store and inevitably someone would say to me “You have such a beautiful smile!” and for the longest time it was hard to get used to. Now it still happens but I just love it.


I’ve been a patient here for about 25 years and I’ve never seen another dental office treattheir patients as well and as kind as they do here. Everybody knows you. Their staff, you know, I know some of them have been here twenty years themselves and always a smile, always something good to say. I’m in the sales business, I really want to make a good first impression and I think it’s made quite the difference. My wife thought it was great. And I haven’t had much reaction from other people other than I feel more confident, I think. Dr. Clark is an artist when it comes to teeth. I have had people remark of that. You know, “Who did your teeth?” And they say it was the greatest job they’ve ever seen.


I’ve been a patient here for about twenty years. Myself, my family and my extended family. They’ve all been here for twenty years so I think that speaks for itself. The staff is incredible here, as well as the professional level of service we get. The staff is just as professional as the service they give. I’ve had a lot of good work, and never have I experienced any pain. And also, they say that Dr. Clark is real professional in the sense that every time you have a procedure done, he calls you that night at home to see how you’re doing and see if you have any problems whatsoever. So you know, hard to beat. That’s a very easy question about recommending Dr. Clark because when you have as much confidence and faith in the person as I do in him, it’s the easiest most natural thing to do when you talk to someone who is looking for a dentist, and say hey, no problem. I know who to go to.


I love everybody here, everybody. They are my my friends, I mean I love coming here and I love leaving because I feel great about my teeth after I leave here. When I came to Dr. Clark I saw all of these before and after pictures and I thought gee, I could do that too. I mean these people probably didn’t smile, either. First I didn’t really remember my not smiling, but they said “Wow she smiles much more” and they noticed that something was different and finally they said “you had your teeth done!”

I feel I’m a different woman, it became a different life. For the last twelve years I have only known Dr. Clark. He goes to courses and takes his team with him. He has the latest technology and I feel I am in very very good hands therefore I would recommend him to anybody who needed a dentist or anyone who moved into the area. I think he is a genius.


I would recommend this office to someone else, in fact I have, many times, because of the kind of people who work here, their expertise and the fact that there’s such a quality atmosphere here. It’s a joy to come here, even if you’re having a difficult procedure because of the way you’re treated by the staff. I have been coming to Dr. Clark’s office for quite some time and he and his staff have always treated me with the utmost courtesy and helpfulness.

And when I have been here in times past maybe I came in feeling low, I always left feeling up because they make me feel like family. Dr. Clark has such a great track record- it is outstanding! And both he and his staff, they will do everything they can to assure each patient that their needs are met during the procedure and after, and the results are simply amazing.

When I came here I was very nervous the first time, and I just had a small procedure like a tooth filled at that time. But later I just saw a gentleman in him and his quality of work and the way they just worked with you to do whatever was necessary to arrive at what your needs might be and your goal. It just impressed me, so I would tell anyone to come here, in fact I told someone today to come here.


Everybody, from Dr. Clark and Dr. Ribando and all of the rest of the staff is unbelievably friendly, they make me feel extremely comfortable when I come in. When I was coming in for the first time I was a little nervous about the whole process and didn’t want to be talked down to, or make me feel uncomfortable about it. But they really made me feel comfortable from the beginning so it’s been a good experience. Because I saw some pictures of myself and I was smiling with my lip up covering half of my mouth and that’s why I decided to come in and actually talk to them about dental work.

Since then (it’s been about three years since I had all of this done) I’m much more confident and talking to people and don’t mind being side-by-side and I don’t have to decide which side to talk to people on, so it’s nice. I wanted something that people wouldn’t necessarily notice and that’s what Dr. Clark really kind of took into consideration when he was helping me with my teeth, I wanted it to be natural I didn’t want any crazy stuff to be going on so it was really good.

I felt very comfortable that I got really quality service, I’m huge on service so the service Dr. Clark and the rest of his staff is extremely important. But also the quality of the work and what he did with my teeth I think was beyond my expectations. So the reason I would recommend Dr. Clark and the rest of this group to somebody is because the quality of not only the work, but of the service as well.


I would recommend this office to anybody because of the staff. The people here are great. The dentists- they’re professional, they treat you with the utmost respect and it’s just a great place to come get your dental work done. The dentists, Dr. Ribando- fabulous. Everybody’s treated me with a lot of respect and every time I come in here I can honestly say that I enjoy going to the dentist after all. My gaps and my teeth spacing was always an issue. Every time I looked in the mirror I preferred to smile with my lips instead of my teeth.

I’m a happier person after the fact. The long haul is worth paying for, and going through the procedures. Well my girlfriend loved it, and family and friends they were very complimentary. They saw a happier person- not necessarily that I was happier I just smiled a lot more. Smiling was a big perception change and when I did see myself in photographs I had teeth instead of lips.