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Friendly Dentistry provides General and Specialty Dental Care to the Triad.

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Dental bonding on anterior and posterior teeth can be done more conservatively than traditional silver mercury fillings and are much more aesthetic. Our Greensboro dental practice offers tooth colored fillings, the latest technology, and materials to diagnose and treat decayed, fractured or worn teeth. Replacing old or damaged restorative fillings can be the best preventive medicine to prevent the loss of teeth. We use the newest technology to diagnose dental decay including the DIAGNOdent – Laser Caries Detection Aid.


We offer very conservative non-surgical treatments for eliminating gum disease. Gum disease or periodontitis can increase risks for many systemic diseases. Diabetes, heart disease, low weight pre-term births, and pulmonary diseases have all been definitively linked to periodontitis. Come in to receive a screening, as prevention is the best medicine when it comes to gum disease.


Teeth whitening is a well established procedure in cosmetic dentistry. The teeth whitening process is effective on most discolored teeth. Tooth discoloration results from aging and consumption of staining substances such as coffee, tea, colas, tobacco, and red wine. Friendly Dentistry offers a wide variety of teeth whitening options for patients in Greensboro and the Piedmont Triad area. We offer in-office laser whitening including Zoom  and Britesmile at very competitive prices. We also offer all new patients who get a full exam, xrays and a cleaning a free whitening kit for at home whitening.  We create custom-made trays to fit your teeth exactly, and your teeth will become two to three shades whiter using our professional grade whitening gel at home for two weeks


From the simplest to the most complicated cosmetic dentistry cases in North Carolina, we can offer you a solution. The dentists at Friendly Dentistry are all very experienced in the art and science of providing porcelain veneers in the Piedmont and Greensboro area; with several hundred complete smile designs and an even greater number of bonding and partial veneer cases. Porcelain veneers treat a wide variety of dental problems: close spaces, fix broken teeth, correct misaligned teeth, and whiten teeth. They are thin, sturdy and have long-lasting color. Veneers are tailored to fit perfectly on the front of an existing tooth. Very few dentists can match the expertise and experience of our doctors. If you would like to have a younger and healthier smile, we can help you.


Sedation dentistry refers to the use of mild sedatives to calm and relax a patient during a dental appointment. If you’re an adult who experiences stress, fear or anxiety at the dentist, you’re not alone. Some patients may have had previous traumatic dental experiences, are afraid of needles, have strong gag reflexes and other circumstances where sedation dentistry might be necessary. Our simple process is used safely and effectively to put you at ease in our dental chair. Sedation feels relaxing and peaceful, and many of the medications used in sedation have an amnesiac effect as well, leaving you with little to no memory of your procedure. In many cases, we are able to perform a number of procedures in one appointment so you can spend less time worrying and more time smiling.


Dental implants are the best option to replace missing teeth today. With research indicating that dental implants have greater than 97% success rates, it is a highly predictable treatment option. From a single tooth to the entire mouth, our dental implants dentist can offer you some great options to return your confidence and function of your teeth.


We care about our patients and know that, to move forward, it is very important to focus on the positive outcome you would like to achieve. We always offer treatment options to every patient that fit their goals and desires for their teeth. Our versatility and expertise allow us to custom fit a treatment plan for you, and we do it guilt-free. No lectures.


Our goal is to seat every patient within 5 minutes of their scheduled appointment. We do everything possible to accomplish this. When we stay committed to valuing your time, you will know how much we value you as a patient. If you are tired of waiting too long or reading magazines no one wants, give us a call.


We treat adults and children of all ages. We help our patients recover and maintain healthy vibrant smiles. Advances in medical science have led to an ever-increasing life expectancy. We want our patients looking good and eating well for life. Ask yourself, “Will my teeth survive a lifetime?”


We offer several different financing options that you can apply for over the internet. We utilize Care Credit, Wells Fargo, and other companies to offer the best option for you. (Subject to credit approval.  Ask for details.)

If you need help answering that question, contact our Dental Office in Greensboro, NC today!