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Our Greensboro dentist office is committed to educating and working with our patients to maintain their dental health for a lifetime. Doctors Guy Ribando, Brittany Semones, and Mark Wilkinson all have years of experience working as dentists in Greensboro, NC. Each of them brings different specialties to the practice, allowing them to offer top quality care in every area including cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry and children’s dental care.

Our caring and personal approach to our patients, along with our years of expertise, is what separates us from other NC dentists. See the difference today by browsing our smile gallery, watching a few of our testimonials, and scheduling your first appointment.We are committed to your keeping your teeth for a lifetime and also believe that the least amount of dentistry is the best treatment.

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Patients enjoy our practice philosophy of the patient being well informed and being able to make their own choices about their dental care. They appreciate an experienced and friendly team that follows our vision. Determined to make a difference-one smile at a time! We mean it!

We practice the philosophy of patients keeping your teeth for a lifetime with conservative and sound treatment. We are a practice that is on time. We are up to date on techniques, materials and technology and believe in constant continuing education. We find that being well informed without “being lectured to” is important to patients. When the patient is in the office, the visit is “all about the patient” with no guilt. We know that patients want to be treated efficiently, comfortably, affordably with treatment that will last. We are here to help you!

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