Getting Dentures: When Do You Need Them and Why?

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Depending on the nature of your dental concern and goals, you might need to get partial or full dentures. How do you know if you need them? Here are a few things to look out for:


Eating hard or chewy foods is difficult:

If you’re in severe pain or discomfort when eating hard or chewy foods, a number of things could be causing your distress. Cavities, clenching/grinding, gum disease and/or broken teeth could be the culprits.  Sometimes removing the teeth and replacing with a partial denture is the best course of action.

You have a toothache:

This could mean you have a serious problem at the root and socket of your tooth which might mean needing to remove the tooth and replace it with a partial denture.

You have loose teeth:

If your teeth are very loose, shift drastically, and leave very large gaps it can mean advanced case of gum disease, otherwise known as periodontal disease. Large gaps can also force your healthy teeth to shift and turn in unhealthy directions which can cause problems in the future.

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You have a severe case of bleeding or inflamed gums:

If your gums are red, bleeding, and are inflamed, you might have advanced gum disease which sometimes requires the removal of your teeth.

These are the extreme cases, but they can happen to anyone of any age.  Sometimes, replacing a lost tooth or two with a partial denture will prevent your other teeth from shifting, breaking, or hurting, and it can also help your ability to chew, compared with having no tooth replacement at all.

There are plenty of warning signs and ways to keep your teeth healthy.  You can prevent tooth loss by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, visiting us every six months for a check-up, and reporting any of the problems listed above as they arise.  There are times when all of the prevention in the world won’t stop you from needing dentures, but that’s okay because we’re here to help you get the dentures you need for the smile you want!

If you’d like to see a dentist in Greensboro, NC to talk further about concerns with your teeth or dentures, you can contact us here.

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