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Professional teeth cleaning is an important part of good overall personal and oral hygiene. If you are taking care of your teeth you are taking care of your personal health. It has been shown that good oral health leads to an improvement in overall physical, mental, and emotional health. Good oral hygiene also improves your appearance, making you more attractive. Good oral hygiene is also helpful to over health as well.

When a tooth becomes infected or falls out due to neglect, it presents an opportunity for bacteria and germs to get into your bloodstream and cause illness. In addition, one tooth becomes infected or falls out, your oral situation will become something like a game of dominos and you could begin to see the teeth next to the original tooth begin to decay.  This is why it is important to address dental issues before they become severe, or, more importantly, to prevent them from happening in the first place with a proper dental cleaning.

professional teeth cleaning

It is not enough to brush and floss every day, even though that is one of the most important things that you can do for your dental health. In addition to personal dental health routines, once or twice per year, it is very important to visit the dentist for a good professional teeth cleaning session. In addition to having your teeth cleaned by a qualified, experienced and professional dental hygienist, you will also receive a dental checkup which will help you in identifying any oncoming cavities or tooth decay that may need to be addressed in order to prevent the loss of one or more of your teeth.

Here are the common steps associated with a Professional Teeth Cleaning:

Professional Dental Exam

The majority of the dental cleanings will be performed by a dental hygienist. Before the cleaning process and procedure starts, your mouth and teeth will be examined. The dental hygienist will use a small mirror to navigate around teeth and behind your gums in search of potential dental concerns such as tooth decay, spacing issues, recessed gums, chipped teeth, gingivitis, and more. If the dental hygienist locates any issues, the dentist will be informed so that they can make a more thorough examination of the issue(s).

Cleaning the Teeth (Plaque and Tartar Removal)

The dental hygienist will use a small mirror and a tool called a scaler to scrape off any plaque or tartar around the gum line and in between the teeth. You will hear scraping sounds emanating from your mouth during this process, but this is normal and expected. Have no fear, this is the dental hygienist removing plaque and tartar buildup.

Professional teeth cleaning

Toothpaste Cleaning and Polishing

Once the tartar has been removed from your teeth, the dental hygienist will begin brushing your teeth with a high powered electric toothbrush. This step of the teeth cleaning process is an excellent way to deep clean the teeth and to remove any tarter left behind from the scaler. Then the dental hygienist will use a toothpaste with a slightly gritty consistency in order to scrub and polish the teeth.

There is nothing that will beat an expert flossing session conducted by a professional dental hygienist. The dental hygienist will get really deep around and between your teeth to locate hidden particles or plague, and they may switch from floss to scaler tools if they find any buildup hidden between the teeth. Even if you floss regularly at home, having a professional give you an expert flossing will make sure to remove any hidden tartar or plaque that you may have missed at home, as well as left over toothpaste or polish from the earlier cleaning process.


The last process in a professional teeth cleaning session will be the rinse which will get rid of any leftover debris from the earlier steps. Your dental hygienist will gently spray high pressure water throughout your mouth to grab any leftover and loose particles from the earlier steps.  The water and debris that it rinsed away are then removed with a specialized vacuum tube – no swishing or spitting required!

Consistent and regular visits to the dentist for a professional teeth cleaning are far more than just having your teeth cleaned. It is a process which will help you save your teeth from injury, decay, or loss. Make sure you are making regular appointments to see your dentist to have your teeth professionally cleaned and for a dental checkup.

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