Before and After Invisalign: An Invisible Alternative to Braces

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Before and after transformations of individuals just like yourself and how Invisalign has changed both their smiles and their lives with an Invisalign treatment program have been astonishing. Invisalign has achieved very impressive results for dental patients with varying degrees of dental spacing and teeth straightening needs. Family and friends notice the results and improvements immediately and patient referrals from past Invisalign treatment patients are the biggest driver of new Invisalign treatment requests by new patients. That means that Invisalign is basically selling itself and once you have had an Invisalign treatment procedure conducted you will know first-hand what we mean.

Friendly Dentistry has treated many dental patients via Invisalign’s treatment program

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What is Invisalign and why is it so popular?

Invisalign is a popular dental treatment option for corrective dental procedures. From an overbite, crowding, a narrow smile, spaces and alignment, Invisalign has generated many satisfied dental patients who had been in need in corrective dental procedures. Discover the before and after transformations of people just like you who changed more than just their smiles with Invisalign treatment and start planning your next step today. Contact Friendly Dentistry today!

Invisalign treatment can achieve impressive before and after results for individuals who want to straighten their teeth as well as correct their smile. We have treated many patients with excellent results using Invisalign. No other treatment option has had the publicity and success rate that Invisalign can boast. From being a highly cost-effective dental treatment to the wonderful results experienced by dental patients who opt for the treatment, Invisalign is a no brainer dental treatment option to pursue.

The Invisalign procedure is used to straighten teeth and minimize spaces is the perfect treatment option for dental patients who are seeking a quick, noninvasive option to their dental needs. Invisalign is an extremely popular dental treatment procedure and has been since the sale began in the US in 1999. Anything that works and works this well typically has a long shelf life, and so is the case with Invisalign.


If you are thinking about trying Invisalign you can rest assure that you are considering a dental treatment with an extremely high rate of success. All patients who opt for Invisalign as a dental treatment option to crooked and spaced teeth see improvements. In addition to the level of results obtained from Invisalign, it is both easy to use, convenient and highly cost-effective making it one of the most affordable forms of dental treatment available. They are easy to wear, easy to clean and do not create any issues with your look. They are near invisible. Invisalign is also a wonderful dental treatment option for improved overall dental health as well as an improvement in your looks and self-esteem. There are so many benefits to being treated with Invisalign making it one of the best investments anyone can make into themselves.

If you are interested in learning more about treating your teeth with Invisalign or if you have already made a decision to pursue the Invisalign treatment option, contact Friendly Dentistry today!

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