Professional Teeth Whitening in Greensboro, NC

When it comes to professional teeth whitening in Greensboro, there are a lot of options to choose from. However, when you’re looking for the best in dental care and dental services that will ensure your teeth remain healthy for years to come, Friendly Dentistry has no other competition. 

For years, our dental office has been the premier choice in Greensboro for tooth whitening and other dental work, and we have both the tools and the resources to continue as that choice for years to come. Whether you have yellow teeth, are interested in alternative bleaching methods, or simply need a whitening kit for home use, our experienced dentists can help!


What is teeth whitening?

In short, the whitening process is designed to brighten the tooth. Many may have also heard the phrase “bleaching” used in place of whitening— but the meaning of the two terms is essentially the same. Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are the two most common solutions used in tooth bleaching or whitening, and both work by breaking stains into smaller pieces, making the color less concentrated.

Unlike home teeth whitening kits that often purely impact the outer layer of tooth enamel, a professional teeth whitening treatment penetrates much deeper. This is because before we actually whiten the teeth, we perform a thorough dental cleaning to remove any surface plaque, bacteria or tartar buildup. Combining the abrasive power of pumice with a whitening gel that also cleans and protects, we make sure any tooth discoloration or abnormal surface stains due to bacteria buildup are removed before we begin the whitening treatment in earnest. 

Typically, the tooth whitening process takes between sixty and ninety minutes to complete, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Often stained teeth that have been stained for some time and sensitive teeth, require a bit of extra care to ensure the whitening process is effective. Our dental professionals take their time in order to prevent gum irritation and make sure the whitening solution is applied correctly to the front of the teeth. One of the many benefits of using professional teeth whitening services is the simple fact that the dental professional can actually see your teeth and make sure they are being thoroughly coated. This allows us to be more efficient and ensures the whitening application will last.

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Assessing your teeth whitening options

Every dentist has their favorite bleaching agent and teeth whitening products, but the truth is that there are many options you can choose from. Here at Friendly Dentistry, we use the Zoom whitening system in house, and offer home kits that allow you to keep your teeth pearly white when you’re away from our office.

The important thing to remember about your teeth whitening options is the fact that teeth whitening only lasts when you brush your teeth regularly, floss, and practice other good oral hygiene habits. Quick fixes like a teeth whitening pen and even more in-depth teeth whitening procedures will be of little help in the long run if proper dental hygiene is not maintained. A whiter smile is possible with the help of dental whitening and certain teeth whitening systems, but you still must do your part to ensure your whiter teeth stay that way.

Teeth Whitening FAQ

If you have any more questions about teeth whitening, we would love to speak with you. Some common questions include:

Typically, the teeth whitening procedure costs $450-650 for two three-hour visits. It is one of the most popular dental procedures in the world. Although it may be costly, there are many reasons why it’s well worth the price.

Teeth whitening is thought to last for up to three years, making it well worth the investment. Keep in mind that this does vary from person to person, and will not last as long if you smoke, or drink or eat products that are known to stain your teeth. Our Friendly Dentistry teeth whitening team will go over what types of foods and drinks to stay away from to ensure your pearly whites stay looking sharp for as long as possible.

Some patients may feel their teeth becoming sensitive to cold temperatures during or after the treatment. Others may experience discomfort in the gums, white patches on the gum line or a sore throat. These symptoms are only temporary and should go away within a few days of the treatment. Contact Friendly Dentistry if they do not.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a standard answer because it varies from person to person based on their diet and desired tooth color. However, for the initial whitening, it is essential to follow the recommendation of your dentist and make as many appointments as are necessary to reach your desired shade of whiteness. Once you reach this point, it gets tricky. Some people only require touch-ups once every few months, while others may need them every few weeks. People who drink coffee, dark beverages, or dark sodas may need to whiten their teeth more often than those who do not.

With a professional teeth-whitening service, you’ll see results right away. The concentration of professionally applied bleaching gel is much stronger than at-home whitening products, meaning you won’t have to wait several weeks or apply the solution several times before you see the desired result.

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