How Much a Root Canal Costs

Man With Tooth Pain - Emergency Dentist in Greensboro for Tooth Pain and Other Dental EmergenciesWhen it comes to infected tooth pulp or infected tissue, even good oral hygiene can’t always alleviate the pain. If you’re dealing with pain or tenderness in your tooth root or an excruciating toothache, you may need an immediate root canal treatment from a dentist and root canal specialist trained in endodontics and specialized dentistry. Many people who find out they need a root canal or similar dental treatment wonder, what is a root canal and how much does a root canal cost? These are common questions from our patients. Many insurance companies will cover some or all of the root canal procedure so you don’t have to worry about paying for treatment out of pocket. If you don’t have dental insurance or coverage, the root canal cost can range from $864 to $1,217, depending on the tooth.  For instance, dental procedures for anterior teeth are typically less expensive than molars because they have fewer canals.

The most important thing to know is that this type of procedure cannot be delayed, and the infected tooth cannot be left untreated. If the tooth is not treated, it or other healthy teeth may become diseased, you may require a tooth extraction, and you’ll likely experience even more severe pain and tooth decay. If one of our Greensboro dentists determines the inside of your tooth has become infected, they will recommend getting a root canal right away to prevent the infection from causing more damage to the tooth, your surrounding natural teeth, or the underlying nerve tissue and bone.

Is the Cost of a Root Canal Affordable?

If the out-of-pocket costs of a root canal and similar dental work are out of your budget, you can still get a root canal when you need it. You may be eligible for third-party financing and payment plans to manage the cost of your procedure. This can help you manage your budget and get the treatment you need without the risk of losing your tooth, or consistently suffering from root canal pain.

What is a Root Canal?Root Canal

A root canal is an in-office dental procedure that involves restoring a damaged tooth. If the inside of your tooth becomes infected or inflamed, the pulp must be cleaned out and replaced to save the tooth and to thwart a possible onset of gum disease. During a root canal surgery, our dentists in Greensboro, NC, do everything they can to preserve the natural tooth. In many cases, we can save a tooth with a root canal because it helps to stop an infection from spreading and completely destroying the tooth.

During the procedure, the doctor will remove the infected pulp and fill the space with a special dental filling. Extracting the pulp allows the dentist to seal the tooth to prevent infection and cap it with a dental crown for further protection. The sealed tooth is now stronger and the root is preserved. This prevents the risk of tooth loss which would then require more in-depth procedures like tooth replacement.

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Root Canal Cost Information

Information about the cost of root canals isn’t always easy to find, and is rarely straight forward.  The fees can also vary significantly by provider. The total cost includes the cost of materials used, the dentist’s expertise, the cost of a crown placement or restoration, the time that it takes for the procedure itself, and other factors that are impossible to predict without an examination by a dental professional.

Some other root canal cost factors include:

  • Location of the tooth
  • Whether the tooth will require a crown
  • Any additional procedures needed for a successful outcome

Your dentist will review the root canal cost and other information with you during your consultation so you know exactly what to expect. We provide competitive pricing and quality service and dental materials so you need not worry about re-treatment. Compromising on quality just because of price could mean you need to get another procedure in the future because of a re-infection of the same tooth or damage to the tooth. Our dentists are trained to provide a high level of service and to ensure your procedure is performed with little to no risk of re-infection.

If you have questions about how much a root canal costs or what to expect with your procedure, please contact our Greensboro dental practice today.