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Dental Crown Prices

Looking at the high-quality dental crowns from Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro NC

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Looking at the high-quality dental crowns from Friendly Dentistry in Greensboro NC

The cost of a dental crown varies depending on the materials used, the size required, and the location and condition of the tooth. Dental insurance may cover up to 50% of the cost of a crown needed for medical reasons, but usually does not cover crowns considered to be cosmetic. Some insurance providers will also limit the number of procedures a patient is covered for in a given year.


The average price of a crown at Friendly Dentistry usually ranges from $1200 to $1500 per tooth. Your final cost may be lower or higher, depending on how much prep work your existing tooth needs. Keep in mind that this is a general price guideline, and your exact cost will vary depending on a number of individual factors. The best way to determine how much your crown will actually cost is by scheduling an appointment with one of our skilled dentists, who can discuss your specific needs, budget, and preferences.


Metal Crowns

Metal crowns are most frequently made with gold alloy (noble or high noble), and are another popular – although slightly more expensive – option.

At Friendly Dentistry, we also provide all-zirconia crowns, as zirconia is a white metal that can provide satisfactory aesthetics, particularly for back teeth.


Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are often a popular choice. At Friendly Dentistry, we also offer porcelain-fused-to-zirconia to avoid the tell-tale dark line at the gum.


Porcelain Crowns

All-porcelain crowns, also referred to as all-ceramic crowns, are our preferred material at Friendly Dentistry. These crowns are long-lasting, durable, and offer aesthetic appeal.

Additional Costs

Most crown costs include two office visits: one to measure and prepare the tooth, and a second visit to attach the crown after it has been made. The actual total cost of getting a crown can be much greater than simply the cost of the crown itself. Additional charges may include an initial exam where the need for a crown is determined and, if necessary, dental X-rays are taken. If a root canal is also required, that involves a separate appointment, usually with an endodontist, and an additional cost for the root canal itself – again varying greatly depending on the size and location of the tooth.



Financing Your Dental Crown

At Friendly Dentistry we offer in-house financing options for patients who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of their crown procedure up front. We also offer several financing options that you can apply for over the Internet. Care Credit and Wells Fargo are just a few of the companies we work with in order to provide you with the best financing option.


For more information on the cost and process of getting your crown, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you about your dental options!



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