What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

Dental crowns can be constructed out of a variety of materials including stainless steel, gold, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-resin, and all-porcelain. What material the dental crown is made of can help to match your specific dental needs as well as determine the cost of crown procedure.

Types of Crowns

From porcelain to metal alloys, there are many different types of crowns that are available to restore a chipped or broken tooth. At Friendly Dentistry, our dental office provides the best technology and qualified staff to meet your needs and enhance your dental health. Here are several types of crowns available to you for dental restoration.

All-Porcelain Crowns

While not as durable as metal crowns, all-porcelain crowns – also referred to as all-ceramic crowns – are often preferred because of their ability to match the look of natural teeth. Made from a number of natural materials, these crowns are hand-crafted by a dental technician or carved out of a single block of ceramic by a computerized milling machine. Ceramic crowns are also bio-compatible, making them a great option for anyone who is allergic to metal.

If you have a tooth that is badly broken, a dental bridge that needs to be replaced, or simply an interest in enhancing your smile with dental crowns or veneers, we can help. Contact us and request a consultation with one of our friendly dentists to discuss your options. Contact us and request a consultation with one of our friendly dentists to discuss your options.

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Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are constructed with porcelain covering all or most of the metal surfaces of the underlying crown. These crowns are especially long-lasting, combining the strength of metal with the more natural look of overlaid porcelain. The porcelain top of the crown can be color-matched for a natural appearance, but the metal underlying the crown’s porcelain may create a thin dark line. For this reason, porcelain fused to zirconia is a popular option.  Zirconia is a very strong metal, but is white in appearance. This makes the metal substructure far less noticeable than the dark metals. These crowns are most often used when a stronger restoration is required, particularly for front teeth.

Metal Crowns

The classic all-metal crown is gold, but there are a number of other dental alloys that can be used. Some alternate metals, such as zirconia, have the look of white gold, making them blend in with the natural color of your teeth. Less of the tooth structure has to be removed for a metal crown, but they are typically used only on molars and back teeth.  Due to their superior strength, they are a great option for patients who grind or clench their teeth, to avoid breaking the crowns.

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Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are one of the oldest types of crown. They are usually made up of iron, carbon, chromium, nickel, and manganese, along with other metals. Friendly Dentistry does not offer Stainless Steel Crowns because the more modern materials that we offer have so many advantages over Stainless Steel. Stainless steel crowns are durable and can be used for both primary teeth and permanent molars. The surface remains smooth and polished over time, but they tend to be far more noticeable than newer crown materials.  Stainless steel crowns are still commonly and frequently used for young children on baby teeth at pediatric dental offices.

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All-Resin Crowns

All-resin crowns are the least-expensive – and also the least-durable acting more as a temporary crown, leading to a high probability of early or regular replacement. For that reason, we do not offer Resin Crowns at Friendly Dentistry. Each crown is constructed from composite material that is similar in color to your actual tooth, making them one of the more natural-looking options. One other major disadvantage is that a large part of the tooth structure must be removed to place an all-resin crown.

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